21 January 2012

Sharing on Saturday

An article about letting your kids get dirty. Just do it.

An article about letting kids get dirty, I'm all for it and let little boys wear cowboy boots with shorts and superhero capes when you are going to the grocery store ;)


The year long read my book club is doing. January was the perfect topic for the year of purging and organizing at the Edwards' home..it's all about decluttering. We read The Immortal Life of Henriette Lacks for January as well. I have it on Kindle so can do one loan if another Kindle owner wants to read it let me know. For February the HP focuses on marriage and we are reading The Red Tent.

J.K. Rowling

go to this website to pre plan YOUR room: can enter any dimensions and multiple furniture templates, even landscaping.

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how to draw eyes


awww mom! stopppp!

I've only had one at Starbuck's but it was divine and JB I'm not sure that you could actually make these healthy.

Printable bag design.

All kinds of downloadable journal pages with prompts.
journaling prompts

Ft. Myers Beach, Florida
Really looking forward to spring break, hope to make some final arrangements by tomorrow!!!


  1. I've just downloaded the kindle app for iGadget, I didn't realise you could lend books to people! must do a search and learn how!

    Love the list you've put together this week!

  2. Another great list of finds from you this week, Beverly. Oh how I wish I was sitting on a beach somewhere clinking a Corona with my guy...

  3. Ooh those cranberry and white chocolate bars look lovely. Another recipe to add to my ever growing list!

  4. Love those tigers and the quote!
    Alison xx

  5. Our book club read Henrietta Lacks last month - it was an interesting read & made for some great discussion.

  6. As always some great links. Thanks for the learning to draw eyes. Too me that is the hardest part to get right.


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