Hi, I'm Beverly, the heart and soul of BEglorious. BEglorious is my blog and also my business. Here on the blog  I share my creative adventures, my family life, travels, food finds, quotes, photography and probably way too much more. I ammarried to the Chosen One and can't imagine being more blessed. 

Our sons are pretty much grown (okay some of you may say they are). The Beast is 26 and lives in the city right next to ours so he's only a 15-20  minute drive away.  he has worked full time at a car dealership while going to school> He recently graduated and is on the hunt for an accounting field related job. He and SweetGirl married in June of 2013 after 5 years of dating.  She is the daughter of my heart. Their puppy child is Darby.  

Our 21 year old formerly known as Baby Boy is The Pirate. He is the son of pirates and his girlfriend is the Pirate Girl. He attends college an hour and a half from us at our alma mater, East Carolina University We get to see him a lot in the fall because we have football season tickets, aarrggghhh!!  He'll be graduating in May of 2014 and looking for a career in Supply Chain Management.

So that leaves the Chosen One and me at home with our cat, Pearl. Pearl is my assistant and hangs out in the studio with me. 

There I create handmade cards, paintings, scrapbooks, painted furniture and whatever captures my fancy. I hope you'll hang out with us some!