17 January 2012

Pinterest Inspired Tuesdays = Pinspiration

a weekly challenge to actually create something inspired by Pinterest

This week I decided to try printing on PostIt notes

Pinned Image
sugar doodle


A few months ago my very creative friend, Patience and I spotted a post it note holder on Pinterest. We both exclaimed "How easy is that? Why didn't one of us come up with that?"  

Cute Sticky Note Holder
violet paper wings


Easy indeed, I made several to give away and this one for myself.

and those chocolate peppermint marshmallows for hot chocolate were calling my name.

more marshmallows
adventures in savings


Stephen doesn't care for mint and chocolate so I left the candy off his.

So Pinspiration fared better this week, I declare this a 3 for 3 week, I was happy with the results of everything I tried. Have you started trying any of the things you’ve pinned or all you still just pinning away thinking one day?  If Pinterest inspires you to create this week feel free to come back and link up below. If not this week, I hope you are inspired to join me on a future Tuesday.

if you are new to  Pinterest   here's a good tutorial 

If you need an invitation to join Pinterest just let me know in your comments or email me!
Have a glorious day and be inspired to create something today!


  1. I love the look of the hot chocolate stirrers. It's like peppermint bark on a stick, with marshmallows too. What's not to like!
    I made a recipe from Pinterest last week, but nothing creative.

  2. Funny, peppermint bark is one of the things we made from a recipe we found on Pinterest. Yum.

  3. thanks for the link...I still haven't actually pinned anything...tonight might be the night!
    Alison xx

  4. I love that you are making things from pinterest. I really need to do the same thing this year. ;0

  5. I love the post-it holder....I really need one of those!

  6. Those chocolate peppermint marshmellows do look good!

  7. The marshmallows look wonderful!

  8. Ah! Those printed post-it-notes are cool. Well done on being inspired by Pinterest and following through on making the inspiration happen. The marshmallows looks really yummy too!!!


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