18 February 2015

Catching Up with Quinn

It has been 2 years today since Quinn was placed in the arms of his forever family of Patience, Chris and Romeo. Many of you prayed for Patience and Chris as they struggled with infertility, miscarriages and failed IVFs. Some of you opened up your hearts and wallets to help them make their dream of being parents come through. I thought ya'll would all be thrilled to do a little catch up with one of my favorite families. Quinn is an extremely good natured, happy little boy. Patience works at 2 schools and Chris is a swim coach so Quinn is fortunate that most of his hours are spent with at least one of them. They are also incredibly blessed with friends that are really part of their family. So many blessings!

Quinn does have an older sibling who seems to take having a toddler all in stride. 
Romeo is a sweetheart.

Quinn is Chris' mini me and nowhere does that show up more than at swim practice.

Time with Mom is always fun.

We were so glad all three of them could visit last summer. 
Pearl wasn't gracious enough to allow Romeo to come!

 Those privileged to touch the lives of children should constantly be aware that their impact on a single child may affect a multitude of others a thousand years from now. —Unknown

Happy Gotcha Day, Quinn
Patience, Chris and Romeo!
I love you!


  1. What a heart warming post my Friend.......wonderful pics and a perfect quote to finish....hope Quinn had a great 'gotcha day'! Xx

  2. What a lovely post and beautiful photos. Happy Gotcha Day to them all 😀

  3. Wonderful to see how this happy story is unfolding, and lovely photos too.

  4. He's such a happy and contented looking little boy. Obviously he's right where he was meant to be

  5. He's is adorable. It's a wonderful thing to see a family grow together.

  6. They are such a beautiful happy family!! Thanks for giving us an update!

  7. What beautiful photos and how wonderful to see such a happy family :)


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