13 July 2014

Sunflowers and Serendipity

I adore my blogging friend, Deb over at paper Turtle. Deb adores turtles and sunflowers. She grows sunflowers and shares her gorgeous pictures of them often during the summer. She also has 2 turtles that live in the backyard with the sunflowers. Whenever I see one or the other I think of Deb. The Pirate and I went with the Chosen One on one of his track nights. His group workouts once a week at the middle school our boys attended and we thought we'd walk while he worked out. The school was totally renovated the year the pirate went to high school so we decided to walk the perimeter of the building to see what had been done. Lo and behold we rounded a corner and there was a sunflower garden! Fortunately (in my opinion) I had my phone and could snap some shots. The Pirate informed me afterwards I am no longer allowed to have my phone on walks. good thing he doesn't take walks with his sister in law!

Channeling my inner Deb!


  1. These are glorious!
    I'm glad you had your phone.

  2. Hey! What a sweet surprise on a Sunday morning. Your sunflower photos are awesome, Beverly! Aren't they fun to photograph? I'm so happy that sunflowers (and turtles) remind you of me. :o) And I adore you too! xo

    1. and heart shaped things in nature...I saw a leaf shaped like a heart on a walk the other day and you immediately popped to mind.


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