05 August 2013

hello monday

hello week of august 5th
hello playing with a Cricut
hello to getting answers back on a few submitted proposals
hello to making 50 special cards
hello to coffee and crafts Wednesday nights starting back up
hello to a family reunion
hello to celebrating 5th blogoversary photos 
              Deb and Becky both accepted my excuse invitation to treat themselves to a sweet in honor of my 5th blogoversary. They'll be getting goodies in the mail, thanks ladies for being so fun and Deb I am sure you still look fab in the swimsuit!

Deb chose a jelly filled doughnut and wanted to be sure we yearned to be sharing one with her. She took a  bag home making me her hubby's favorite blogger lol 

Becky went with what I imagine to be a rich chocolate cupcake 
which is what I really would prefer.

The Chosen One enjoyed a fruit and almond cupcake.

Mine was Maple Bacon 

(no, I don't have a black eye, the photographer failed to tell me I had smeared 
mascara when I was rubbing my allergy itching eye@@)

hello to announcing winners of the five blogoversary prizes, congrats to........
a. 2 rolls of washi tape (pink set)
b. 2 rolls of washi tape (purple set)
c. 256 page journal with Italian leatherette cover
d. 2 mesh zip organizer pouches
e. goodie box of assorted scrapbooking embellishments and supplies

and hello to hoping you'll take a moment and hop over here to give SweetGirl some blog love with a comment on her Scavenger Hunt post!

hello to my glorious life!
what are you saying hello to this week?


  1. Aw, congrats to all the winners, and it was fun to see Becky and Deb with their sweets! I thought about it all weekend, but just never made it around to grabbing a photographable treat.

    Have yourself a glorious week, Beverly!

  2. Oh...thank you so much,Beverly.
    50 cards....in one week!!!!!

    1. 50 all the same, they are cards my parents want to send to the people that have been especially good friends to my sister throughout her life.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners and hope they enjoy your splendid hostessing and generosity. oh, those cupcakes look good ..

    1. Ours were only so so but they were picked up at one of our basic grocery stores.

  4. Congrats to all the winners!

    I like the new font you have chosen for your post today..it's easy on the eye

  5. Woohoo!!! I love me some washi tape!
    Thanks - let me know if you need my address.

    1. Do believe I have it, packages should go postal tmw!

  6. This post makes me want to have a cupcake, but alas it's lunchtime & I should eat something healthy first! :>)

  7. Yes that was chocolate and it was delicious and I enjoyed helping you to celebrate :-). Thank you for drawing me as one of your winners too :). I'm looking forward to having all the family to my house on Sunday to celebrate 4 birthdays - my son, my sister, my niece and my Dad! Hope you have enjoyed your week and your weekend is wonderful x


YOU ROCK! Seriously, I love getting comments, so know that you have put a bit of added sunshine in my day. Thanks so much and I hope your day is glorious!