02 August 2013

Scavenging SweetGirl

SweetGirl takes amazing photographs with her phone camera and has an innate ability ability to capture details most of us overlook. She's an artsy kinda girl and seems to have inherited some of her mom's photographic skill. When I invited her to go on the 2013 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt, she was all in. You can follow her on Instagram @gfncgirl. Here are her finds to date along with her narrative.

1. My open air market are the trinket vendors at Chichen Itza

3.civic building is the old courthouse

4.airplanes at the Cancun airport

5.sunset is one of my “Narnia" photos (basically any photo I get with both a street lamp and trees, I label as Narnia lol) so sunset in Narnia

6.napper is my very silly puppy

7.funny sign was written on a Childs play table at the thieves market in Raleigh

8. Tower (s) of the first church in Mexico (I'll have to find the actual name)

9.something out of place, Christmas bow in the forest in June

10. Outdoor bench- in the forest near my apartment

16. Windmill-not the best quality photo, taken as we were flying down the Mexican highway on a tour bus

19. Fisherman-my amazing hubby catching his barracuda

Some of the others I know what I want to use, some I am not sure of.... Would a fish in a aquarium work for 11? This has been fun, I am thinking this would be a fun thing to do more of!

If you'd like to see what other people have nabbed this summer click here to see Rinda's and find links to others.


  1. They are great and I love that she got to acknowledge "hubby" in there :0)

  2. Great set, and I like the fishing one in particular. I am sure fish in an aquarium would count :).

  3. Wonderful set of photos. I like the windmill. It turned out much better than my 'speeding down the highway' photo of a windmill.

  4. Great photos - great locale!
    I'm so glad she joined in. I think the open air market is my favorite.

  5. I especially like that sunset!

  6. I really like the "Out of Place" photo of the red bow in the forest. That would make an interesting, artsy Christmas card!

  7. Great photos - I especially like the Narnia sunset!

  8. Great photos - like your fisherman and the sunset :-)

  9. Love the fisherman shot - great perspective. #19 is proving to be the bane of my life!

  10. Great shots Ash! Especially Narnia with a cross in the tree. C.S. Lewis would have been impressed. Love you!

    Aunt Debbie


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