29 July 2013

Time for Tea ~ Sweet & Southern

hey! I'm so glad you came by today. Fortunately a cold front has moved in and we are staying in the 80s and the humidity has dropped a bit. It actually feels quite pleasant out so I've fixed some drinks and munchies for us on the patio. If you were here last month you may have remembered (and been eagerly anticipating) my promise that Tea Time this month would have more of an American and Southern twist to it and I keep my promises.

 SO, tell me what has been going on with you since June? Did you get that project finished? Did you end up signing up for a class or challenge? I'm still in the midst of the scavenger hunt, and BPC's Phone Photography project and I signed up for Junelle's Art of Wild Abandonment workshop offered through Christy Tomlinson. I am loving this class and have discovered I like doing watercolor.

We just got the CD from the photographer with all the wedding photos so editing through those will be a task. There are some wonderful ones. It was pretty overwhelming looking through them. The Chosen One's moma passed away unexpectedly 3 weeks after the wedding so seeing photos of her was both hard and a gift. She had such a good time and had all of her brood together except one grandchild. I think we will all treasure that we were given that time with her. I had planned to do a few wedding posts in early July but losing her put that aside. I'll do them soon :)

I am helping coordinate a Fall Bazaar at out church in November.  I am really excited, things like this bring so many people in the doors and we have some truly gifted artists and crafters in our midst. It will be nice to showcase those God given gifts. I do have to figure out what I want to sell, I'm a bit all over the place so need to narrow it down and start building inventory. Are you selling any of your creations?

How are you liking your Southern "tea". Sweet tea and lemonade are as essential to our lives as hot tea is to the Brits. I was grown before I learned that pimento cheese was a Southern thing. I have loved it all my life. A toasted (in the oven) pimento cheese sandwich and tomato soup were the standard Sunday supper growing up. It was the one night we got to eat in front of the TV so we could watch Wild Kingdom and The Wonderful World of Disney. 

 Pickled okra is evidently another Southern thing. Now many, many people, Southerners included will make a gagging sound if you mention okra. Boiled it has a thick...ummmm....snotty thing going on that is quite disgusting but there are ways around it. It is yummy fried or roasted and if you are into pickled things it is delish. 

The sand dollar cookies were discovered on pinterest last winter and I made them for the PreWedding Night Celebration. I'm having lunch with a friend that couldn't make the wedding because of work so I thought I'd make some for you and her.

It seems like our resident chipmunk has ventured over to say hi, now he is not what I consider a Southern creature.

Oh my, you do have a lot of errand running to do on this side of the world! I'm glad it made it convenient for you to stop by.  Everything fell out of my "tupperware" cabinet this morning and I just stepped back and let it tumble out so that's my afternoon project. Yea, the grass needs cutting but I think I'll put that off a bit longer.

The rest of the blog week is busy so I hope you'll stop by frequently. Tomorrow (Tuesday) the blog will be 5 years old and I am having a few small giveaways. Wednesday I'll be sharing my July scavenger hunt photos as I link up with Rinda. Thursday I'll share Month in Numbers and Friday I hope to share about the Art of Wild Abandonment. Drop by next month and be sure to let me know if you are having us over for tea!

Time for Tea is a monthly meme hosted by my delightful blogging friend, Abi. Pop over to Creating Paper Dreams for some more tea and chats. We'd love to come by your place, just leave a link over at Abi's in the next week leading us to your related post. 


  1. Love seeing the southern twist on it. Those sand dollars look fascinating. Really enjoyed the visit x

  2. Thanks for hosting me (us) this afternoon, Beverly. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. You know, I have never had pimento cheese, but it sounds yummy on a toasted sandwich like you described. And I've never had pickled or boiled okra before, but my grandma used to fry it and it was my favorite!!! (Grandma was from Arkansas.) Looking forward to your anniversary tomorrow...I'll be back around to help you celebrate!

    1. Lots of restaurants are putting pimento cheese on top of burgers these days, thinking that will be on the menu later this week :)

  3. As a Brit who loves hot tea.....I really like the sound of the tea and lemonade....especially as our weather lately has been a lot more like yours than normal!!

  4. Well, it has been a pleasure to sit in 80 degrees and drink lemonade and nibble at things I have not ever tasted! I'm glad to know what to do with okra, now. I am sad to hear about the Chosen One's Mum - that must be very difficult and sad for you all, and am thinking of you. Hoping that your prjects all go well and looking forward to seeing how are enjoying the Art of Wild Abandonment - I am doing the Wild Art Summer with Junelle right now!


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