29 July 2013

hello monday

hello week of july 29th
hello birthday lunch with MJ
hello to a middle of the day escape from work by the Chosen One for a date to the Butterfly House
        and lunch
hello to the semi annual HVAC checkup
hello to getting back on track exercising with Bob
hello to a friend's ordination
hello to BEglorious' 5th blogiversary tomorrow!! Please stop by :)

hello to my glorious life!


  1. 5 years!...congratulations!
    Alison xx

  2. Hi Beverley. It's good to be back and catching up with what you have been up to. Because I'm still in a holiday mood the lemon meringue s'mores caught my eye..we haven't got Graham Crackers here, but I have talked so often about using our digestive biscuits as a substitute. I need to try this!

    5 years? That's fantastic

  3. Hello to one more lazy week for me (although I do need to grade exams).


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