10 January 2013

Passing the Artist Unique by Carmen Torbus

from Amazon...
Every artist seeks to stand apart from the crowd. But how? Let author Carmen Torbus inspire you to new creative highs in this collection of hands-on techniques and heartfelt stories from 16 artists who have worked through their own artistic struggles and stalls to emerge triumphant, with looks uniquely their own.
Whether art is new to you, or you have been at it awhile and are having trouble discovering your own style, this encouraging book will guide you to experiment with different mediums, techniques and possibilities to make a mark that is exclusively yours. Inside you'll find:
  • 17 of the artists' favorite mixed-media techniques shown step by step, with suggestions for how to make them your own
  • Beautiful finished art illustrating how individual artists use and combine these techniques in their own work
  • Easy worksheets to help reveal your artistic skills, strengths and preferences
  • A quick-start guide to various mediums, mark makers and creative paraphernalia
  • Lots of tips and advice for putting yourself into your art
Embrace who you are and find out what defines you as an artist. Make your art far from ordinary--become the artist UNIQUE!

With my huge apologies to Melissa for holding on to this book for way, way too long I am passing on the Artist Unique. While sick over the holidays I finally took the time to read and study the book. I enjoyed it so much I have ordered a copy for myself.

Here's how Pass the Book works...
* to enter you must have a blog
*leave a comment on THIS post
* be sure I have a way to contact you or check back the day after the drawing to see if you were chosen
*once you have received the book, enjoy it for a reasonable length of time (since I have been incredibly delinquent I am asking that you only keep it a month) then Pass the Book through a blog post on your blog.

Good luck!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the book Beverly! Thanks for being a part of Pass the Book: Year Two.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it....but I don't think it's for me!
    Alison xx

  3. Well I would love to be entered for it Beverley - I could do with something easy to follow :0)
    Hope 2013 is being better for you x

  4. I'd love to be entered in this - I'm dabbling more in mixed media. How fun :)

  5. Oh yes please - do enter me in the drawing , and thank you! J xx

  6. Happy to hear you loved the book Beverly!!

    xo & bucket of belief,


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