04 May 2012

Williams - Sonoma Jalapeno Corer

Last month the Chosen One's uncle gave us the WS jalapeno corer. Loving HOT and SPICY is a bond that the Chosen One, the Beats and JimBones (as christened by the Beast over 22 years ago) have it common. The Pirate can hang with them for a while but really he has a bit TOO much sense. 

JimBones had found this in Williams - Sonoma and thought it's be a great addition to our kitchen tools and it is!!!! It is awesome! We had the first occasion to use it this week and it made the whole process much faster. We'll be using it again tomorrow night to make Jalapeno Poppers! 

 I highly recommend this product (and no, unfortunately I will not be getting a kickback from Williams - Sonoma) I will buying quite a few of these for gifts, know some people that will love it! Great find, JimBones!


  1. I LOVE Williams Sonoma..we have NOTHING like it here, or even in the UK!..am off to look at their website!
    Alison xxx

  2. A jalapeno corer - how clever!! I'd probably make more of my salsa if I had one handy, lol.
    Found you on SITS Girls and will be following you!

  3. That looks very clever and effective - not terribly useful in our household though lol! But I'm glad to here it'll be very helpful to you :)

  4. *hear, not here... *doh!* Was distracted as I typed!

    1. This sounds like a handy gadget to have! I'm planning on having a CROP of peppers in my garden this year, so I'll need something like this! Thanks for the review. :o)


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