05 May 2012

Sharing on Saturdays

step by step tutorial on how to refurbish an old cast iron skillet

handy for any Southern girl

how to sew a camera strap from cluck. cluck. sew on make it do

much to others irritation

knotted jersey headband tutorial @Jamie Mullen Nania

Aren't sleeping babies precious?! Check back tomorrow for Storytelling Sunday, 
mine is about a sweet little boy!


  1. I think every woman should have (at least) one well seasoned iron skillet, that's why I always give one as a wedding gift. I always say it's great for cooking, good for protection (when there's an intruder & you can't find the baseball bat), and not bad as a handy tool to keep your hubby in line! LOL

  2. Love that baby pic!
    Alison xx

  3. Love the headband! I reseasoned my cast iron griddle pan a few weeks ago. I like it better than my frying pan, not as heavy


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