23 February 2012

Prone to babbling......

No, there's nothing wrong with your monitor, this self portrait is definitely unfocused but so am I. I have these to dos in my head but don't seem to be accomplishing much. I am on day TEN of not feeling good, it's nothing big but it is wearing me down. I tend to ignore and push through when I don't feel great but I am thinking I just may run by the doctor's office today (I'm sure to be told it's one of those things there is nothing for but time) So I am going to babble and ramble today just as a catharsis for me. Feel free to think...hmmm, this may not be fun, think I'll come back tomorrow.

* we joined a wellness center last week and I'm really excited, still working on the really motivated but I do like it. The goal is to do strength training (which I like so much more than I thought possible) 3x/week and cardio and/or the pool 5-6 days. I have a personal coach and we were very realistic in setting my goals so I know it's going to be a long process and am okay with that just so I am progressing.
* I miss my babies. The Pirate hasn't been home since Christmas, we have seen him a few times at my parents and in Pirate Town but haven't had any overnight long hours with him. He won't be with us for spring break as he is going home with the Pirate Girl (we'll only be 100 miles south so still hoping they decide to visit us for a day). I do get to spend a few hours with him Sunday. I am going there and we are going to see one of my Homegrowns perform in The Elephant Man. The Beast moved out 4 months ago but it's just now hitting me. It was definitely time but I'm just that kind of mama.

* We are soon headed south to a small island right off (really right off, it's a 10 minute ferry ride) the gulf coast side of Florida for a week. The Beast and Sweet Girl are going with us. If you know how I am about warm temps, escaping and being near water you know how excited I am.

* This purging/reorganizing is not making progress and I HAVE to change that in the next week!!!

* I am creating more. Today I am attending a workshop on making mesh ribbon wreaths. I'll share the results Tuesday since my initial inspiration was from Pinterest.

* I am beyond thrilled that it is suppose to be 75 degrees today...bring on Spring!

* I have a sizable groupon to spend at Jerry's Artarama (actually I have 2 but can only use one at a time) ....I am buying more copics.

* I only have 2 days to figure out some mockups for a retreat craft!

* I am coming to terms with a heartbreaking but unavoidable situation in my family. I am praying every day that I can be a blessing and help but I am by nature a guilt carrier and even when others feel I have done enough, in the end I carry guilt that I could have done more. I need to work through that because I don't want that feeling when this has passed.

* I am amazed at how few pictures I have taken in 2012 so that is going to change. Look out if you are in the path of my viewfinder!

* I am so proud of my little sister, she just returned from a mission trip to Colombia, South America.

* March is going to be a very fun month. We have our trip, the Beast turns 24, I am doing an art class with my niece and a glorious friend is coming for a visit, ohhh and there is the ACC basketball tournament.

If you stuck with the babbling this long, thanks...tomorrow I will be back with a more focused post. Have a glorious day!


  1. From one rambling soul to another .... I get you girlfriend!

    - my baby is busy too & doesn't have time to talk these days -- lucky to get texting when good mom questions are asked.

    - give some hugs from me to "the elephant man". his talent is going places! Hugs for the Pirate too.

    - my purging has slowed too b/c of working on taxes & other life stuff.

    - I'm ready for Spring & more sunshine. A trip down south sounds exciting.

    - Yay...for little sister's accomplishments!

    - stay upbeat about lingering cold and create some wonderful creations!!

    With much love, Joyce

  2. You can put the blame on me for dropping the ball on the Women's Retreat craft! E-mail me how I can help...not that Davis is on the road to recovery! Ah- your sweet vacation is in sight! :-)

  3. Feel better soon. You are busy and you love to take care of others. But take care of YOU this weekend! Miss you! I may make a trip to NC in the fall to see my mom, and will 100% come see you as well. That's something to look forward to....right?! hee hee

  4. Hope you feel better after that Beverley...lifes a B****h sometimes and it's good toget it out of your system...hope you have a restful weekend!
    Alison xx

  5. Oh Beverly, I do hope you are feeling better soon. I enjoyed your rambling post . . . do try to find time for rest so your body can heal.

  6. Congrats on joining the Wellness Center! I hope you feel better soon. I've been feeling unfocused for about a week myself

  7. Beverly I hope you feel a lot better very soon. I don't dare list out all the stuff going on here, well done to you for going through everything, I am sure it is freeing!

  8. Hoping you are feeling brighter soon ... and that you can let go of any inappropriate guilt when you feel ready. Unfocused can be good sometimes - occasionally we need a rest from focused?

  9. How can I be so far behind that I am just reading this?!?! I'm so sorry to be so tardy in lending my support for you, Beverly. It sounds like you really have your plate full of things to worry about, and I just know this vacation will do you good! Thinking of you and sending you hugs!!!


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