14 October 2011

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

 the Arancello is ready!
edit (I've received inquiries)
The name “arancello” comes from the Italian for “orange,” which is “arancia.” Because of this, arancello is sometimes spelled “aranciello,” and in typical Italian fashion, there is no stone rule about which spelling is correct, though “arancello” remains more common. Last spring the Chosen One and I made limoncello which I blogged about in these posts 
the creating,  the making, the results and the recipe
Now, I saw on a blog a very brief mention of the word lime...ohhhh, I do love limes!

 North Carolina State Fair opened today.
The kids are going Saturday night, Stephen and I are passing this year.

 I went through alot of church youth pictures and converted about 40 to black and white. They've been blown up to 8x10s and 11x14s and are in black frames with white matting. They are hanging in the Attic (the youth area of our church. The kids did a reworking with lots of awesome changes to make it much more welcoming.

 Took Baby Sister to Virgina Beach to celebrate her 50th birthday.
It was cold, rainy and VERY windy the whole weekend.

 This is a sculpture at the point, I thought it was very cool.

 The Chosen One and the Pirate ran in another 5k
and the Pirate placed again, that's 4 for 4!

It's football season in the United States and on Saturdays
you'll find me screaming and clapping as
my Pirates make their entrance onto the field in a Purple haze. 


Just a look at some of what has been going on lately.
What has been going in your life?
Have a glorious weekend!


  1. hmmm what is arancello? mix between orange and ?? Looks intersting :) Those are some great photos Beverly, the one of your baby sister looks wonderful :)

  2. What a great round up Beverly :o) Some fab shots and I'd love to know what arancello is too!
    You said you might be interested in the Halloween ideas I'm posting this month. The first list is up today xx

  3. Love the B&W photo! I'll have to go check out the attic soon to see what they've done with the place!

  4. Gosh, busy times! I'm liking the sound of lime - I love lime :)


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