28 October 2011

Just Passing By

     I was on the phone talking to Mama yesterday, looking out the breakfast room window and saw this guy just sitting by the patio table. He stayed about 5 minutes then sauntered through the gate and was on his way. I've always thought it was very cool with all the wildlife some of you get to see on a daily basis so this put a huge smile on my face :)
    It was 80 here yesterday, mid 50s today and a projected 46 for game time tmw..may be arrgghhbbrrrr when I cheer for the Pirates!
   Hope you have a glorious weekend. Stop back by tmw for a Halloween themed Saturday Sharing!


  1. Stunningly captured - now there's a lady who always knows where her camera is. :)

  2. what a stunning photo. Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful pic...he would have been gone before I had grabbed my camera!
    Alison xx

  4. Great picture! I can't beleive how close it was to the house! Bundle up tomorrow! We'll be doing the same cheering on the Heels!

  5. He's beautiful! Great coloring. I love cute animals! Great photo too!

  6. Whoa! Well captured (the shot, I mean!) What is it? Excuse my English ignorance.... I bet The Boy could tell me!


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