29 October 2011

Sharing on Saturday

I have always loved Halloween, I know my nonAmerican friends are less familiar with the attention we lavish on the holiday so I thought I would provide a feast for their eyes
(and yours too if you are a Halloween loving American)
So grab a drink from the pumpkin and take a look!


and last but not at all least

Halloween costume

What a non spooky sweet treat to end on.
Hope you have a spooktacularly, gloriously, sweet Halloween!


  1. That little ghost is far too cute to spook! Lovely selection Beverley. Halloween is not such a big deal here, but I've enjoyed sharing pumpkins, costumes etc for the last 3 Fridays.

  2. We don't really go in for Halloween....but love seeing all the spooky stuff on my American friends' blogs.

  3. I've always been very envious of the way our American cousins celebrate and have such fabby Halloween decs...thanks for sharing Beverly!
    Alison xx

  4. I'm always amazed by how much Halloween is celebrated over there, it's really not a big deal over here in the UK. I expect we will get a few little children 'trick or treating' on the evening, but I don't know of anyone having fancy dress parties. The supermarkets do seem to be stocking a few pumpkins nowadays but that's about it. When I see American blogs showing what they are doing for Halloween I kind of wish it was bigger over here!

  5. Yes, we're not into Hallowe'en nearly so much :) I do like the clever pumpkin carving though!

  6. Those pumpkins are wonderful! I'm always amazed at how big Hallowe'en is in the USA ... We used to hollow out a turnip (no pumpkins then), make toffee apples, and let off a few fireworks. Dome and dusted!


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