26 April 2011

Poll Results

Last week I had a poll asking what your (the reader's) connection is to me. I wasn't surprised that the majority of you are connected through online classes. I did think maybe one or two more friends and family members might be reading but such is life in blogland. Hmmmm I'm wondering who that one family member might be lol maybe I'll bake him a goodie. Of course if it wasn't the Chosen One, Grown One or Baby Boy and was a sister or niece I apologize to the female and cast a pox on the males. Actually I know my guys drop by occasionally because they will make comments (but dare not leave one) or ask a question concerning a post. Not trying to be sexist but with them being guys I don't expect them to check in on a daily basis even if they should suspect that they may be the material for my fodder.  Since I am on the subject of my guys I want to clarify who is in a picture I posted in the Alphanumeric Blog Hop on the 17th. My letter was B and one of the pics I titled "my Boys" . The photo was of my husband and two sons. By saying my boys I confused a few people and they thought all three were my sons  :::thud::: the Chosen One looks young for 48 and is indeed three and three quarters years younger than me but he is not of my blood....just of my heart :)

(l to r)  Baby Boy, the Grown One, the Chosen One

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