12 March 2011

Stephen's Sprint Triathlon is Today!

Today is the Chosen One's first sprint triathlon! We're in Wilmington with over 700 other participants where at 11:18am he will jump in the pool SWIM 300 yards, BIKE 10 miles, then RUN 3.1 miles!!!!! I  am soooooo impressed with this man. Over a year ago he started swimming for exercise. Six months ago he started running on our treadmill. Maybe 3 months ago he started biking. Febuary 12th he ran in his first 5k with Baby Boy (finishing 7th in the 40-49 bracket). Today he is swimming 300 yards, biking 10 miles and running 3.1 miles!!!!!!!! Are you impressed,'cause I AM ?!!!!!


  1. I'm seriously impressed! How did it go?

  2. What an impressive and energetic person! Am in awe of how quickly he has met all these challenges. Hope it all went well.


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