30 March 2011

Five Funnies (Comic Strips) I Love

ZITS by Jerry Scott

LUANNE by Greg Evans

NON SEQUITUR by Wiley Miller  

PICKLES by Brian Crane
SALLY FORTH by Francesco Marciuliano and Craig MacIntosh

I tend to like comic strips that take things from what can be real life and tap into the humor of it. I think the reason I adore ZITS is because having reared two sons, almost every day I can relate to the strip. As my parents get older which of course means I get older I am finding more and more humorous truth in PICKLES. There are many comics I just don't get or get and don't find funny. My oldest son often gets me to read ones he finds hilarious and I just don't. Fortunately the young woman he loves has the same sense of humor he does.  I used all these past strips under a one time usage agreement with comics.com, so no copyright infringement ;)


  1. Very funny . . . great choices b/c they're reflect how we really feel. I think the first one's my fave.

  2. Hi Beverley, finally got over here to leave a comment. Thanks for all the encouragement you've given me. Love the comic strips btw.

  3. I almost never read the comics in the newspaper, but I do find them funny (I loved the snowman especially since I can relate LOL)

  4. I'm all for the ZITS one too :-)

    Hey, how is the limoncello progressing?

  5. Love your choices! Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. I agree. I like comics that find humor in everyday life. I love all of these comic strips!! Another favorite of mine is Baby Blues! =)


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