13 January 2011

Thought for Thursday - Follower Vent

The other day I was playing around on my blog and noticed that my number of Followers had increased. Now, honestly, I think this happened a bit ago, I had squinted to see what the newest Follower's icon was a photo of but was busy and went on about what I needed to do. Please accept my apologies if you figured it out before me!!!!!! The other day I actually clicked on it only to discover that it was a close up of female genitalia!!!!!!! How (ugh the adjective I want to use it considered profane in the UK and I don't want to offend)....UNBELIEVABLE!!!! What kind of sick pleasure do people get out of doing that. I mean, obviously my site is not geared towards sex. The Follower had 4 blogs of her own...no, I didn't click on any but they were listed under Follower info. It took me 30 minutes of frantic Google help to find out the step by step instructions on how to block someone.  If you ever have the need you have to through your dashboard then click on Followers over on the right, click on show all followers then click on the specific one...at that point you can add as a friend, send a message or block! Think I was able to report but not sure, I was still traumatized at that point.  So my advice  for today is look a little closer at your Followers, you may just have someone unwanted!


  1. WHAT?!?! Seriously? WHO DOES THAT? I'm glad to know that there is a way to block someone if I need that someday. I had a case of a bit of a blog-stalker... She was emailing me rather than leaving long comments on my blog. I finally ended up ignoring her and she went away, but every once in a while she pops back up. Kinda' creepy.

    Good for you for taking action!

  2. How horrible, I'm so sorry you had to go through that nasty experience. I shall definitely take a closer look at mine than I have doen up till now!

  3. That is really disgusting! And thank you for sharing how to block someone!
    Sorry you had that icky experience! Going to check my followers!

  4. Yikes! Thanks for the tip. Going to search through my 12 followers now! Although I think I know them all dearly! Happy Weekend, dear friend!

  5. Sad how some people amuse themselves. Thanks for sharing the block technique. I believe I've met her "friends" on Twitter.


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