04 December 2010

December Delights

wrapping gifts
Baby Boy being home from college
possible trip to the Military Bowl (we'll decide next week)
making cheese goodies and baking
sending and receiving Christmas cards
celebrating Stephen's birthday
having time with my boys and their girls
reading in the living room with the Christmas tree lit
going home for Christmas on Christmas Day
Christmas Eve candlight service
buying gifts for a needy child
singing Christmas songs
worshipping God

Edit: I love the photo too but can't take credit, I got it off google.


  1. A lovely post with a beautiful photo and great list of things to be done. Happy holidays, Beverly! xo

  2. What a lovely post, I can really associate with so many of those items.
    Great photo too!

  3. Lovely! It's a great photo - perfect to illustrate your post today.

  4. Lovely post of cheering and meaningful things!


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