01 December 2010

Oh, a Gratitude catchup is in order!

hmmm I made it 20 days posting to my Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart then allowed life to get in the way.The Gathering of the Goddesses, followed by being home only one full day before leaving for the holidays has brought me to December. I feel I can't move into a new month with that being unfinished so here we go....

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart...

21 November * Sunrises, especially over water

22 November  * my pool buddies, Jane and Lynne...sometimes it would be so much easier to not go but knowing they are expecting me motivates me and I need that more and more as the cold and dark invade that time of day

23 November * my car, I love my 2004 Mazda 6 as much today as the day I got it and hope it makes it til at least year 10

24 November  *my three amazing sisters, Debra, Pat and Paula. I admire and love them so much.

25 November *prayer warriors, I cannot imagine going through the bumps and twists of life without them.  Having men and women of faith that I know I can lift any prayer concern up to, even unspoken and be certain that they will take it before God

26 November  *digital cameras...really, how much money do we save not getting EVERY shot we take printed??!!!

27 November  *game nights..even when I am on the losing team

28 November  *DVR...we've only had it a year but I so loooove being able to record shows, skip commercials and watch when it works for us.  VCRs were good but DVRs rock!

29 November *the Triple S Sisterhood...they deserve a whole blog post lol

30 November  *life....it is indeed glorious!

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