30 November 2009


Hey ya'll! How's that time traveling thing working for you? Not feeling nauseous are you? I have some sweet tea and Pig Pickin cake all ready for you. So come on in to the table while we talk about ME..AT SEVENTEEN..."what year is it?" oh sorry, forgot you were time challenged..1976! If you are in blog hop time travel event you came from 1983 High in the Sky with Sian .

My hair color is what we call here in the South, dirty blonde..lovely name, huh? It's long and I love it :)

My favorite brand of makeup is Cover Girl.
My favorite outfit is a skirt and blouse.
My favorite colour is red.
I drive a blue '64 Cadillac (with fins no less!) that belonged to my Granddaddy.
Saturday I went out to breakfast with Daddy then shopping with Mama and Paula.  We hit Barshays and
Belks then walked over to Flowers for shoes. In the afternoon Nancy and I went bike riding then just hung out. Saturday night Ben and I got burgers at The
   Creamery then went to the Rec to hang out with everyone else.
On Sunday I went to Sunday and School and church. Afterwards we went to the
   country and had lunch with Grandmama and Granddaddy Shack. Later on we went
   over to Bigmama's for dessert.
Monday-Friday, back at school where there are too many projects and research papers
    because the semester is wrapping up. I can't wait for exams to be over and Christmas to
    be here.
My best friend is Nancy. We've been best friends since 6th grade and are going to room
    together next year.  She'll always be in my life :)


My favorite place to go out to eat is Pizza Inn. I love thin crust pepperoni and
    mushroom pizza and their  junior chef salad with blue cheese and french dressings.
My favorite subjects at school are English (Mrs Hewitt) and History (Mr.
    Yelverton) ... love them both.

I do NOT like math and science.  Chemistry is killing me but Mrs Rue loves the artwork I
   include in my lab writeups. Mrs Beaman feels sorry for me in math, she gets that math is
   just not part of my thinking process.

When I grow up I want to be a mom more than anything else.
My favorite drink is without a doubt sweet tea! My favorite food is dried sausage,
    mustard greens, potatoes and fried cornbread, yes, I am southern to the core.
My favorite store is The Image.
I want to marry, well, if you know me at all you know the answer to that :)
My favorite actor is Robert Redford and he is gorgeous!
My favorite band is hmmm don't really have just one ...Spinners, Commodores, Chicago
My favorite TV show is General Hospital in the afternoon (best watched while eating
    ruffles and french onion dip) and a new show at night, Charlie's Angels.
The one thing I want to do but can't is get my ears pierced  : (
I ride everywhere in a car like everyone else.
If I had all the money in the world I would buy an island.

I wish I could visit Greece.
My favorite sports are high school soccer and ACC basketball Go Wolfpack!
This fall I was accepted at Peace College and was named Homecoming Queen.

At Halloween I dressed up as a cowgirl.

It's a tradition for our class to dress up every Halloween.

I recently saw Carrie and thought it was really scary! I screamed at the end but so did every other girl and all the guys jumped.
I am reading Beowulf because it's required, The Great Gatsby because I love it.
The big newspaper story this year is the Presidential election. Jimmy Carter was
    elected a few weeks ago. Yesterday Reggie Jackson signed a 5 year pact with the NY
The most dangerous thing I've ever done hmmm may be happening in June when for
    some unknown reason our parents are letting Nancy and I go on a week long cruise to
    the Bahamas ALONE!
The furthest away from home I've ever been is Rome...Italy that is, wouldn't want
    you to think I mean Georgia ;)

So are you having flashbacks?  Seeing yourself at seventeen again? Well, before you get absorbed in your old yearbooks and photo albums jump back in the time machine and jump forward to 1983 to see what's going on with Becky.

2009 postscript  Baby Boy is seventeen right now, I think I'll have him answer these questions :)


  1. You have some great photographs! And you've reminded me..I was allowed to get my ears pierced either. Funny how things start coming back, isn't it? Thanks for the trip back to 1976

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your memoirs of 1976...this was the year I turned 16 & left secondary school to start at Technical college! It is amazing how so many similatities there were to life on both sides of the pond!!

  3. Oh my . . . serious flashbacks! I was 17 in 1978 (also in the U.S.), so your memories are the closest to mine so far. Thanks for sharing,

  4. Love the style you wrote this in, I could almost see the yearbook it conjured up!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I think having your Baby Boy answer these too would be so cool; what a great layout THAT would make, a side-by-side comparison. Love it!

  6. what a lovely photo of yourself
    when you were 17! and everything
    looks so nice and vintagey..
    I feel like taking them hoho (:

  7. I loove the way you've written this and included so many photos. So, did you marry?

  8. Oh, I love it! I loved 1976! I was graduating, going to senior proms all over and headed to college, engaged and I thought I owned the world - it was perfect that year! Now, I realize how much was to come.

  9. Wow, so interesting - love all the photos :-) And you so have to get Baby Boy to do the questions too!!

  10. Fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing what you were up to when you were 17 :)

  11. Love the photos. I cant believe you drove a cadillac, that is my dream car, I love them.

  12. What a great post and like the others have said some fantastic photos. I really stuggled to find some of me!

    Would love to know what happened on your cruise with Nancy!!!
    Sara x

  13. CUTE! I love it! Bless your heart...I'm a southern girl too! :) (Only I pull for the Tarheels) Are we the only ones in the world that drink sweet tea?

  14. Amazing post Beverly, so cool that you have all those photos.

  15. Dear Beverly, I love this post - it made me feel as if I know you a little! We are almost the same age and I too had long 'dirty blonde' hair but I didn't like sweet tea and I was never elected Homecoming Queen - wow! The summer of '76 was incredibly hot for the UK -people still talk about it - but I had my first set of public exams so all I really remember is being in the library. My maths and science teachers also felt sorry for me as I don't have a single sciencey cell in my brain but the following year, I started studying Italian so I got to spend a happy summer being an au pair on the Italian coast. I was very near the Greek islands but I never got to Rome!
    This post has made me sit back and remember - thank you!


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