08 November 2009

November Camping

So it ended up better than expected, I was with cool teenagers that did not become frigid teenagers. Part of the senior class at our church went camping overnight at a nearby lake.  Temps got down to the mid 40s instead of the low 30s of Friday night. Nicholas keep the fire stoked and I personally was very warm inside my mummy bag in my tent. It wasn't even that cold when I got up to tell the girls they were being too loud or when I made my night hike to the bathroom.

We made Hobo dinners which I just kinda assumed everyone had experienced before ...not so.  Quite a few had not, they loved creating their dinner and everyone had multiples. I loved that cleanup is such a breeze. Later on they enjoyed s'mores, too sweet to me but I had a few roasted marshmallows.  The hardest part was staying up.  With Daylight Savings Time having ended last weekend it was dark before 6:00, it seemed to take forever to get to bedtime. Add in that our peaceful campfire time was intermittently destroyed by certain human antics and it was a long night. Once in my tent I was super comfy...I was in a mummy bag on top of an air mattress that was on top of a very thick awesomely comfy sleeping bag.

This morning we were up before 7 ......again certain male voices that don't comprehend how voices travel in the woods and by the way who can be that wound up and bouncy at that hour?!  After sausage and pancakes  we had our Sunday School lesson around the campfire.  We packed up and were back at the church right before services were over.  This old lady then came home and took a 2 hour nap .......


  1. cool teenagers are always better ;p
    your sleeping bag actually sounds more
    comfy than a bed :D

  2. I'm going to follow the link to the hobo dinner ..... I've never heard of it before.


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