10 September 2012

Ten Things on the Tenth

It's the Tenth of September, hmmmm, it's an old boyfriend's birthday...how can he be as old as he is today while I am still so incredibly young? lol

I thought I'd share Ten Things I have created in the last month.

                                       1. Bookmarks for the first graders at our church. 
                                    They received bibles in yesterday's worship service.

2. The kindergartners received bags with church focused goodies. Generally this is the age (5yo) they start staying in "big church".

3. Roasted Corn Salsa..check back to,orrow for my recipe. 

4. BLT Pasta Salad...I'll share the recipe for this on Thursday. 
The Chosen One says "this is the BEST pasta salad I have EVER had!"

5. Snickers Cheesecake
I shared the recipe here, it was declared delicious. 
I'll be making it next week for my Wilson Girls dinner night.

6. Jalapeno Popper Dipper...recipe here.
Very good, if you go by my recipe just keep in mind it gets hotter as it sits. 
After a day or two in the fridge it was the perfect spiciness for this family.

7. The start of school I sent the Pirate.

8. Start of school card for the PirateGirl.

9. Congrats card for Morgan making the high school golf team.

10. Praying for you card for Victoria.
The image was perfect for the PirateGirl and Victoria, 
they both have gorgeous naturally curly hair.

For more blogger's Ten on the Tenth, head over to Shimelle's, there are always so many different takes on this monthly blogging event.Also consider scrolling down to read my Monday Musings....I'd love some comments on that one.


  1. Cute bookmarks!! Those food photos are making me hungry & your fantastic cards are making me want to create - maybe I can do both! :>)

    1. I know how talented you are, Melissa, you can definitely multi task ;)

  2. Those bookmarks are great! Wonderful cards, too! :)

  3. TY for your sweet remarks~I wish I could show him but it is too late. He is in hospice care.

    loving your sweet creations!!! TY for the prayers~you are a special lady!!!

    1. It's very obvious he is a special man.

  4. I love the bookmarks, too! And that pasta salad does look wonderful. Too bad one kid loves bacon and the other hates it.

    1. Thanks, Rinda :) It would work to have the bacon in a separate bowl for an optional add in.

  5. That corn salsa sounds interesting!

  6. Great list! I'm all about that corn salsa too. Looks yummy! :)

  7. Haha - Glad to know I'm not the only one who remembers random dates of birthdays from those in my "past." Your cards are adorable, Beverly, and this post has made me really hungry. Looking forward to that BLT pasta salad recipe!

  8. That pasta salad looks tasty, and your crafts are so cute.

  9. Great post, and I'll definitely be back for that pasta recipe. We had BLTs last night. When tomatoes are ripe, they're the best!


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