10 September 2012

Monday Musings

Enough with the Capfggatrea... Coqtrrusi... CAPTCHA already!

Seems quite a few of us are frustrated with Captcha, it took me 6 attempts the other day, love the blogger but man, she almost didn't get my comment. Rinda shared her feelings and encouraged comments in her post last week as part of her "Let's Talk" series.

What stops you from commenting? Of course that is probably a pretty lame question since I know on a daily basis how many people read my blog in contrast to how many comment, there are lots of non commenters and please continue reading my blog! ...surprise me, leave a comment telling me why you don't comment, whether here or on other blogs, just in general. You can always leave an anonymous comment on my blog (not necessarily on everyone's) and I don't use word verification.


  1. I comment often, but am most likely to not comment when I'm busy and my reader has a lot of posts (I still read but just skip commenting that day). I am also most likely to skip posts which are just a photo (like 365 posts or skywatch). Again, I like the images but tend to skip those unless it really strikes me.
    Good question!

  2. I try to comment often too. Like Rinda, I probably don't comment for a single photo unless it really speaks to me. But that doesn't mean that I haven't enjoyed it or that I don't think it's worth posting.

    I'm starting to have pretty strong feelings about the captchas too. I really can't make them out a lot of the time and they actually do bring my migraine on if I stick at them for too long..

  3. Can't stand the captchas! They are so unreadable!! If I don't comment, it's usually because I got behind in my reading and am doing a quick skim in Google reader.

  4. I typically skip commenting when I've gotten behind on blog reading and am extremely busy. I almost always still scroll through posts to keep up with my blog friends, and I'll make an effort to get back to commenting ASAP.

    Word verification is driving me crazy lately, too. I've turned it off again today to see what happens - last time I turned it off, I had spam comments!

  5. the captchas & other verifications drive me nuts! I decided to pay for akismet to deal with spam so I don't have to have the captchas on my blog. I don't comment as much when I am behind on my blog reading or pressed for time & reading on my phone. I hate typing on my phone but it's handy to catch up on blog reading during football practice. And sometimes I just nod along while reading, liking what was said but not having anything specific to say about it. I click like buttons if they are available in that case.

  6. The captcha does not typically stop me from commenting but if I enter that thing and it doesn't accept I'm not trying again. I love to connect with other bloggers and support what they are doing, but I don't have time to enter word verification over and over. I don't have time to waste being frustrated! :)

  7. Oh, yes, that blasted captcha. I turned it on a couple of weeks ago because I am getting a TON of spam comments. Within an hour Carrie texted me saying it took her 15 tries before the comment would post, she admonished me, so I turned it off.

    The captcha feature does not bother me at all, and it certainly doesn't keep me from commenting. The thing that keeps me from commenting the most is lack of time. Sometimes I only have time to skim through my Google Reader and not pop over to leave a comment.

  8. I comment on a lot of blogs a lot of the time too - but, word verification has become prohibitive, it doesn't stop me but if I don't get it the first time I move away.
    Reasons to not comment, well they can range from a lack of time to not connecting with the content - some posts are nod along posts and some inspire me to comment and then some days I just read them in Google Reader and have to move along.

  9. If I'm away, then I don't try to catch up now when I return - I just start afresh, but might scroll back through a familiar blog briefly in case I've missed anything significant. Otherwise I aim to leave a comment if I read a blog. Giveaways and competitions on big name blogs I will move away from. The Captcha can drive me nuts - I'll give a blog four goes only, then give up. I've not yet stopped commenting on a blog because of it, but if they get any more difficult, then I might. Good post!

  10. I don't have time to read every blog every day so I aim to tackle half a dozen each time - this means that some blogs will have several unread posts which I'll read in Google Reader and I try to comment on at least one post.
    If what a blogger says gives me something to say back I'll comment. Captcha won't stop me, but it does mean that they only get ONE comment - I'll quickly move on!!
    While I might skim read them, I generally ignore daily posts from people be it Project Life, LSNED, December Daily and might only comment once a week for friends doing this.


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