22 June 2012

Pineapple Flower Cupcakes

Have you seen the dried pineapple flowers on Pinterest? They are gorgeous and according to the source super easy. I definitely was inspired to make them and thought the Pirate and Pirate Girl visiting was the perfect time..having ready and willing assistants and all. Unfortunately other fun got in the way and I did them on my own and evidently I am not the world's best super thin pineapple slicer. That may explain why drying the slices in the oven which was supposed to take one hour took me over three. I also ended up letting them air dry for days. So just a heads up that if you try making them you may need to allow more drying time that the original instructions call for. Mine also did not keep that beautiful yellow color that those on Pinterest had....maybe my pineapple was a bit too ripe. 

pineapple flowers step by step instructions

Prettier, isn't it?  Would I do them again.......quite possibly!

So I ended up with 24 cupcakes, planning to send 16 to work with the Chosen One but unknown to me they had a baby shower planned for today ie. lunch and cake...no need for cupcakes. Fortunately I was invited to play Bunco at my niece's last night and her birthday is today...yay, delivery of 9 cupcakes! 

The Chosen One and the Beast each ate one so now I have ten to do something with....cupcake, anyone?

Continuing my 500th blog post giveaway and in the spirit of cupcakes I am giving away some baking supplies including cute cupcake liners. Leave a comment for a chance to win, Pin the first photo in this post and you'll get another chance.

Annies Eats is a great website to check out.


  1. Well I think yours look just delicious, Beverly. This is something I really want to try - probably after summer though as my kitchen is the hottest room in the house this time of year and I avoid using my oven.

    I pinned the first photo! :o)

    1. Deb, you are the first person I think of when I think of cupcakes! Maybe you can figure out how to have that gorgeous yellow in the finished "flower"

  2. I think they turned out awesome! The deep orange color is just as pretty as the yellow!

  3. Wow I give you credit for doing it. I think yours are just as lovely...I like the orange color.

  4. I have dried orange segments but would have never thought of trying pineapple. Great work they look lovely.

  5. So wish we could have tried one of those!

  6. They look sensational Beverly! I love this idea.

  7. I will do this too. They are beautiful! I have a herb dehydrator-maybe that would work.???

  8. They were worth the time....they look spectacular.

  9. Yours look fab...I am pinning, and maybe Kirsty will make them when she comes home!
    Alison xx


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