21 June 2012

One Hour Ago ......

One hour ago... I was making pineapple cupcakes.

Two hours ago...working out at the gym 

Ten hours ago...I was sleeping

Eighteen hours ago...  I was having dinner with 3 girls I have known my whole life...cool, huh?

Twenty four hours ago... I was trying to figure out WHAT to write for my 500th post!!!!!

Three days ago...  I spent the afternoon with the Sweetest Sister and watched Joyful Noise

One week ago... I was celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary

One month ago... I was teaching fifth grade

Six months ago...getting ready for Christmas

One year ago... celebrating our 25th anniversary with a trip to our honeymoon hotel in Charleston

Five years ago... just learning what blogging was about but not fully "getting" it

Ten years ago... we were headed out on a 3 week trip through the Northeast and Canada and preparing for my first born to start high school, 

Eighteen years ago...I was living in Greenville in the house we built. The Beast was 6 and the Pirate 22 months. I had been taking care of my Greenville baby, Candace and deciding if I wanted to enlarge my home day care business.

Twenty-three years ago...I was spending my days on the farm with my GrandmaShack, 15 month old Happy Jack (later to be known as the Beast) and our keeshond puppy Alex, eagerly awaiting the Chosen One's daily return from Greenville.

What were you doing? If you decide to answer this in a post in the next week come back and link up!

RIGHT NOW.......If you want a chance at winning 5 handmade birthday cards, leave a comment :)

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  1. Pineapple cupcakes sound good.

    1. I hope they are, Jacky! I tried making those gorgeous pineapple flowers I saw on Pinterest because they were supposed to be the easiest things ever....NOT!

  2. I was at the gym two hours ago, too! Would love cards and will think about doing this meme.

    1. What??!! You are in a different country on vacation and STILL making it to the gym?!!! I stand in awe of you once again, Rinda!

  3. You have a very good memory Beverly!!!
    Alison xx

    1. sadly it was harder to remember 18 hours ago than 18 years ago @@

  4. First, Robbie & I would like a pineapple cupcake, please. It sounds really yummy. Would love to win some cards.

    I might just have to try to remember what I was doing & work up a blog post.

    1. I have too many cupcakes, they are yours if you come over ;)


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