23 February 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.......

 I've just spent a good bit of time catching up on Google Reader. I haven't read any blogs this week and haven't posted in over 10 days! I do have my Sunday Song of Praise on auto post for a good number of weeks :)  I was sick for a good 8 days...mainly a horrible cold, felt good for one solid day then minor cold has made its appearance now going on 10 days @@. I am sooooo tired of blowing my nose.

I have had three family members in the hospital. My uncle passed away from lung cancer Sunday night. He was such a wonderful, loving, Godly man. I will miss him alot and will share about him in a later post. As I said on my facebook status At 7:55 tonight (Sunday) Christ welcomed my Uncle Bud into God's glorious kingdom and without a shadow of a doubt I know He said "well done, my good and faithful servant" As I told him a few hours before he graduated .."I know where you are going, I pray that one day I am with you" Rest in peace, my dear uncle.The other two family members are improving and home. One has a longer road to good health but a great support system.

The Chosen One and Baby Boy ran in their first 5k race weekend before last. Neither have been runners and Baby Boy did no training whatsoever @@ so was shocked when his name was called for finishing 2nd in the 16-19 age group!!!  The Chosen One was 7th in his! YAY!!!! for both of them :) They are looking around for another one to do together. The Chosen One is participating in hi first triathlon sprint in mid March. It's an abbreviated triathlon..I am sooo impressed with him!

I am refocusing on my weight loss and exercise efforts. I am going to be taking part in the Made to Crave program with some friends. You decide the "diet" plan you want to use but have the Made to Crave bible study to accompany it, there's a book, participant guide and DVD. The premise is that we are made to crave God not food. It is for people of faith that know what they are suppose to eat, have all the knowledge on what they should do but struggle with motivation....ummm me to a T. So I'll probably share about that journey, it's a 6 weeks study.

I have been working on cleaning and reorganizing my studio and am hyped about creating. I am planning to make quite a few things this week and look forward to sharing those with you. The weather here has been mostly glorious, we grilled burgers Saturday night. Baby Boy came home for the night!!! After church I got to have Baby Boy, the Grown One, his Sweet One and the Grandpuppy here for lunch.  Are you getting good time with those near and dear to your heart?


  1. Sure hope you are feeling better and on the way to recovery! Are you doing the Made to Crave with Elizabeth Goodson and the group of women she organized? I considered it, but just signed on to do another study with some other ladies and wasn't sure about doing two at once. I struggle with motivation far too often!

  2. So sorry to hear you've been unwell - I've been fairly absent from blogworld myself so I hadn't yet realised that you weren't about. I hope the last vestiges of your colds are now gone xx

    I'm also really sorry to hear about your uncle, though it is such a comfort to know that a loved one has gone to be with Jesus. I hope your other two family members make full and speedy recoveries.

    And well done to the boys! Great achievements!

  3. Courtney, I have actually gathered my own small group. Elizabeth introduced me to it but she had planned originally to do it late spring (now late March) and I was at the point I wanted to jump in. Very excited!

    Mel, thank you, I am feeling much better!

  4. Oh, Beverly, I have been so wrapped up in my own little world and haven't read blogs all week. I'm so sorry to hear that you have been sick, and that you lost your dear uncle! :o( The tribute you wrote for him here is lovely.

    And congrats for your guys with their runs! I'm sure you are very proud of both of them.

    Take care of yourself!!! xo


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