22 February 2011

7 Things

My friend, Courtney awarded me the 7 Facts Blog Award which means I am supposed to share 7 things about myself.  I have been scratching my head to think of 7 things worth sharing that I haven't before. So bear with me, I'm scrapping the bottom of the barrel here lol....
1. I love having fresh flowers in the house.
2. I am lucky to have a husband that brings me fresh flowers for no reason whatsoever :)
3. I grew up Baptist and am now Baptist. I took a venture into the land of Methodists shortly before Christopher was born (a compromise between a Baptist and an Episcopalian) but within 6 years we had returned to the Baptists.
4. I went to Camp Pretty Pond ( a true little hell for girl scouts!) Camp Circle Bar M and Camp Skyuka but I was never a going away to camp kind of child. I much preferred staying close to home.
5. I have recently learned to enjoy brussel sprouts...at Paparazzi, they saute them in a balsamic honey reduction and top them with bacon!
6. Even when I am with family or friends having an amazing time I get homesick. I still have a great time but I miss the Chosen One and the boys and the cat.
7. I type looking at the keyboard because in typing class there was one typewriter without a blind keyboard and I had it.  I also don't use home keys but am proficient :)

Wow, I am sure you were mesmerized with those facts about me but I bet even those of you that know me well read a few that were new to you ;) I am now suppose to award this 7 Facts Blog Award to some bloggers that I enjoy reading...I always look forward to checking on what Deb and Mel have to share so I formally award them the 7 Facts Blog Awards.


  1. Great facts. And those brussel sprouts sound amazing! They sound like the perfect compliment to your meatloaf! ;-)

  2. Oh, thank you - how sweet of you! So interesting to get to know more about you :-)

  3. Can't wait to learn 7 more things about you, Mel!

  4. Hey! This is fun! I'm catching up on your blog this morning and reading the posts in backwards order. Fun to ready your 7 facts, and very sweet to see my name at the end. :o) Thanks for thinking of me...I'll think up some 7 facts about me...


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