24 February 2011

Glimpses of.......



  1. Wow, Beverly, these are some gorgeous photos! I'm excited for spring too...ready for some stuff to bloom around here!

    And btw, thank you so much for your kind words and prayer-ful thoughts for my mom. I really appreciate it! xo

  2. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing! We've got an inch and a half of snow outside and more forecast for today.

  3. So very jealous. There's not even a hint of spring here yet. In fact, we are under yet another winter weather advisory calling for several inches of snow! So very jealous!

  4. This warms my heart! Hello Spring! To answer your question, a Shamrock Shake is a McDonalds green, minty shake they offer during March. I've never had one but I've heard a lot of buzz about them. Might have to try one this year!

  5. Oh, Beverly - how gorgeous! I love all the bird shots in particular :-) We've had a cold day here but very clear, it was lovely to see blue skies and sunshine even if we did need to wear our coats! And it's great to see daffodils and crocus starting to appear :-)

    I hope you're feeling better now xx


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