14 January 2011

I just saw on another blog that today is Delurking Day (lurking is when you read someone's blog or message board but never leave a comment or participate) so I am being intentional about leaving comments at every blog I read over the next week. Going to your blog and finding that someone has taken the time to leave a comment or enjoyed your posts enough to become a follower (a respectable one) is like opening your door and finding an unexpected gift. I am lucky to have a friend, MaryJane, that actually does that kind of doorstep giving and I want to be more like her!  I love using Google Reader, it's like reading the newspaper each day, it loads all the new posts from the blogs I follow/subscribe to, showing everything that has been uploaded since I last clicked "all read"

I have decided I want to do more small giveaways but you have to have more commenters if the same 2 people don't get everything you ever offer lol. So I invite you to visit more often (I am striving to post more regularly), follow me using the free google friend connect and to leave comments on the actual blog (if it's that you are going to leave them on Facebook or not leave them then please still leave them) Tomorrow I'll be sharing 5 valentine cards I will be giving away next week.  I would love to be sending them to YOU! So start leaving your comments, you'll be entered once for every comment you leave between now and Friday, January 21st. become a follower and you get an additional 2 chances. If you think the cards are worthy send your friends this way ;)


  1. This is a well written and appropriate post, Beverly. :o) I do follow your sweet blog, though I usually read all my blogs in Google Reader. I try to take the time to pop out of Reader and leave comments but sometimes I don't have the luxury of the time I'd love to have.

    I've also been trying to find new blogs here and there. Whenever I do I always leave a comment to at leave say I was there.

    ciao! xo

  2. I saw this on someone else's blog too, I hadn't heard of it before :-) Love the way you're encouraging people to come out of hiding!

  3. Well, I thought I WAS a follower, but I guess not. I am now, though.
    I used to have a family blog, but I began to feel that no one ever read it...mainly because they didn't comment. I guess this adds new perspective to that question though. Maybe I'll renew my commitment to my old blog.

  4. *Jane, return to your blog, you have a chatty Facebook family, I'm sure they were reading but not knowing how to comment. Comments do keep you motivated, I have a counter so know people are visiting but never many comments. Hoping being more consistent with posting will change that.

  5. Love that phrase 'delurking!". I enjoy the chance to interact with others so I am in and out of Google reader like a yo-yo :). Let's hope lots of people take you up on your 'challenge'!


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