18 January 2011

Mel, Jane, Cate, Kathryn and Adaire!

You will be receiving an altered clipboard from me sometime during 2011. I need to know your favorite three color combination and style...whimsical, funky, classic, retro, floral, vintage. You can respond here in the comments or email me with the info. Hope each of you has a use for it!


  1. Oh my GOODNESS! I love this! I'm so excited! I DO have many uses for this item. How do you feel about red, black, and white for my job at NC State? If you don't think that will look good, I do like the colors in your sample too!

    Thanks, Beverly! I feel so lucky!

  2. red, black and white are going to be gorgeous and a perfect sample for my Etsy store! Glad you are excited :)

  3. Oh, how exciting! Thank you very much :-)

    I like clean, bold looks on the whole; my current favourite colours are greens and blues, mainly zingy lime green and turquoise (and teal, I love teal!), but I love the whole spectrum of those shades really, from pastels to navy and bottle green! I also quite like pink and purple. I love hearts, and polka dots, and stripes; I love white backgrounds with bright colours that 'pop'; I love texture.... But then, I wouldn't really rule anything definitely out, either! Too much choice?! My layouts will probably give you an idea of the kind of things I like - if you look under the label 'scrapbook los' on my blog that would give you a few examples. Hope that helps!

    Excited :-)

  4. oh yes, that definitely helps, Mel :)


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