20 August 2010

Finally Their Turn - Photo Shoot

Back in the late spring of 2009 I got a new camera. I wanted to play with it before our Alaskan adventure so recruited First Son and his Sweet Girl to serve as models. We did a photo shoot in various parts of Raleigh and got some really awesome photos.. I wanted to do the same with Baby Boy and his Sweet Girl but decided to wait until fall. It would be cooler, different colors to play with, etc.... I did mention it would be cooler, right? So fall arrived and my knee issues arose and time moved on til we got to August 2010 (not cooler!). Sweet Girl headed for college at the coast and we decided that would be a good place to do her and Baby Boy's shoot. Yes, it was hot but the temps were not horrendous. We started late morning so the light was pretty harsh  at the park.We moved around Wilmington..Greenfield Park (getting to see hundreds of turtles and a biggg alligator), Chandler's Wharf (stopping to eat at Elijah's..yummy Oyster sandwich!), Market Street and Wrightsville Beach.  Below you get to see some of my favs out of the 200+ I took! We got some beautiful pictures and had a great time with a lovely young couple as they start their college careers. A Seahawk and a Pirate..pretty good fit, don't you agree? 

Nicholas and Ali
August 2010
Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach, NC 


  1. My favs are the ones at the beach. Go figure! Fabbie shots! Except the gator one. eeewwwww.

  2. Love all the photos! Great work and I know ya'll had fun!


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