08 August 2010

Painted Rugs - a new offering

A friend ask me back in the spring if I could paint a linoleum rug. I said I thought so but had only done one small one many years ago. She had great confidence in me and commissioned me to do a 3x6 one to replace her worn one in her kitchen. She had a basic idea of what she wanted and I took over lots of paint swatches to get the taupe and red right. I changed the design a few times and liked it better each time. It was ready for delivery but our schedules couldn't mesh and ya'll know how hectic my July was (mission trip, death in family and trip to Saint John). Today right after she arrived from her week at the beach I delivered the rug. Now I am always very nervous when someone hires me to do something liek this...scrapbooks don't intimidate me but with the pots and such I get pretty nervous that they may not like it or they don't think the end result is worth the money. I was very much relieved that once I had it rolled out in its proper place the whole family loved it. So if you know of anyone in the market for a painted rug, send them my way :)


  1. I have a friend from high school who used to paint rugs and I always thought they were beautiful and unique. What's your price? I might have to add this to my Christmas wish list!

  2. Love it! I stenciled a rug years ago. We need to chat soon! :)


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