25 July 2010

Oops not on the 11:00

We were all hopeful Rick and Sheila would make the 11:00 ferry out of Red Hook. The earlier post was actually an auto post that I had set up. Stephen and I ate dinner at Skinny Legs {amazing burgers and an ohmygoodness Key Lime Colada}, watched TV then headed to the other end of the island. We watched as the ferry unloaded and sadly saw no signs of the darlings. Soooo we passed the time til the arrival of the last ferry at 12:20am playing with the camera and sitting by the water, wellll Stephen mainly did those things, I laid on a stack of kayaks and tried to sleep. Awesome breeze, a few feet from the water and glory be NO bugs!
     12:20 about the last people off the ferry....SURPRISE...Rick said he had a feeling we would be waiting at the dock but yeaaaaa easy to say after the fact lol So keep checking back for more one the Celebration of the 50th Birthday of Rick C ;)

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