25 July 2010

The Passport has Arrived!

So this is what I was referring to a few weeks ago when I said something important arrived in the mail but I couldn't share what. You see a few of you knew why I might need it and I was terribly afraid you would comment on FB and people that shouldn't know would know. Make sense? Sure :)  If you have been read my last entry you know where I am and who I am with and why I couldn't tell! So without further ado is the blogpost that I wanted to do on July 9th.

YAY!!!! My new passport arrived today. I may or may not need it but one should always be prepared for spontaneous adventures. We are headed back to Saint John but this time the boys are staying home and we we are renting a place with our much loved traveling buddies, Rick and Sheila. Rick is turning a magical fantabulous age in August and this trip is a TOTAL surprise to him, Stephen and I will be waiting at the ferry in Cruz Bay to pick them up - an even bigger surprise brahahaha! Oh yea passport related, Saint John is USVI but the BVI are almost as close as the other side of the Neuse River from our house in Oriental. We may decide that we need to jump over for a bite or a drink. The owners of our villa own a boat, if they are on island, have no clients and find the 4 of us incredibly fun and charming (which we are of course, even more so when together) who's to say, they might yearn for our company  :)

When I applied for my new passport they wanted to know the actual date my last one was issued and where it was now!!!! My last passport was issued in 1975 as I prepared to spend 5 weeks studying in France. I was a mere babe! Where is it now??? Mama thinks, well, maybe she threw it away one year when she was purging. Personally, that makes me sad I would like to have it for nostalgic reasons but it's gone. So I actually put down on the official government form ..."Mama thinks she threw it away at some point in the last 35 years" @@ Hope I gave them a chuckle but it was probably more a sigh and eyeroll. And yes, I wrote "Mama" !  I do have a National Parks Passport with stamps from many of our nation's treasures butttt that won't do it.

Not having a current passport for the last 20 years got me to thinking, "Why haven't I needed one?"...since it expired I have been to the Bahamas a few times, Canada, Saint Thomas, Saint John, the Caymans and 42 states including Alaska. I am quite well traveled as far as North America and the Caribbean but when I returned from Europe those many years ago, the big plan was that the next place I went would be Greece. So maybe some day Stephen and I will stroll on the Greek Isles but I have 7 more states to see (yes I know 42 + 7=49 and there are 50 states but I don't count North Carolina @@ ) AND I am willing to pick you up in Cruz Bay at the ferry anytime you want to arrange for me to be waiting for you in Saint John....it will be my pleasure  ;)

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