27 January 2010

2010 GOALS

If I put them in enough places maybe I'll be held accountable. Feel free at any time to ask how I am doing on a specific one, it might get me motivated LOL

2010 Non Scrapping Goals

~~ handle the potential empty nest with grace and humor. Nicholas leaves in August, we're not sure if Christopher will leave before 2011 but he may.
~~ create a master list of remaining home improvement projects we need/want to make before selling the house along with cost projections. Prioritize based on need and cost when we do what over the next 5 years.
~~ purge, this greatly involves the clean out the attic goal left over from 2009.
~~ appreciate Stephen more, be intentional about lifting him up.
~~ be supportive of the boys and the people in their lives.
~~ do unexpected, unnecessary acts of love for the people in my life
~~ be focused and complete the classes and Bible studies I enroll in.
~~ become healthier and yes that means losing weight, it won't end the knee issues but it will help immensely.
~~ be intentional about when we eat out and not do it just for convienence.
~~ be a better business owner.

2010 Scrapbooking Goals
this is more of a motivational list than a realistic list of what I'll get done

~~ have Nicholas' high school album ready by graduation
~~ complete Mama & Daddy's 60th anniversary album
~~ 50th birthday album
~~ make at least 10 cards a month
      Jan __ Feb __ March __ April __ May __ June __
      July __ Aug __ Sept __ Oct __ Nov __ Dec __
~~ complete the Celebration of Me project
~~ do personal 8x8 albums of the guys
~~ Alaska album(s)
~~ finish 'hood gathering 2007 album
~~ do 'hood gathering 2009 album


  1. Wonderful Goals, Beverly. :) If anyone can achieve them it's you!

  2. Nice brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.


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