26 January 2010

Feeling Productive!

Well, yes it is January 27th and this is the first blog post of 2010...Happy New Year! lol  I've been focusing on some people that needed me and trying to stay out of my winter funk : /  I am not a fan of winter by any stretch of the imagination...I like autumn, love spring and adore summer. If it has to be as cold as it was earlier this month I fully think southerners should get snow with it...it thundered last week so maybe soon. We have had a few gorgeous sunny, warm days thrown in recently and they contain my sanity. My friend the goddess, Diane lives in Orlando. She occasionally hops a train at 9pm and arrives here in the morning. I have been threatening to do the same in her direction, thing is it's even been cold in Florida :(  I want to escape!!!!!

So being in this winter funk I have lacked motivation but today I am actually accomplishing things. I made my 2010 scrapping and non scrapping goals up at the beginning of the month but today I printed them out to hang on the back of my desk. I adhered all my paper in a 6x6 acrylic album (need to figure out what pics
I 'm using in it ) and I completed the title page for The Challenge of Me project....ummm, yes this is day 27 of the project, it ends this week but I felt it was very important to have the proper motivation for this one. I still have to figure out what I am feeding 7 teenagers at 6:00 tonight but that will come...I hope!

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