05 January 2009

Bright Spot

My mama had a nasty stomach virus over the weekend, daddy followed soon behind her...the two sisters that were in contact seemed fine...UNTIL...I heard from both of them this morning that they have it...ick :( While being totally sympathetic I am a bit concerned that I spent some up close and personal time with sister, Paula yesterday afternoon. Ya know hugging, playing games, sitting close together, talking..translation=germs shared??? I told Stephen just to be on the safe side I am going to keep my distance from them for the next day or so. We're having our annual chili cook off with friends Thursday night so I am hoping this one passes on by.
Obviously, that is not the bright spot @@...I was busy with orders all the way up to Christmas Eve but expected then until late January to be dead. I have a long list of work related things to do so no worries. I do have an order for a Disney album I'll be doing but I have gotten two new orders today :) That's the bright spot, I have made money the first week in July and didn't expect to earn a penny!
I hope everyone has a good re-entry to work and school and a glorious 2009!

01-06-09 edit ....ugh I mean January not July see how much I want it to be summer!

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