15 December 2008

Catching up!

So, catch up day ...I just cleared out my e-mail box and responded to everything that was waiting (we're talking my personal e-mail, I don't let BEglorious e-mails wait :> ) For at least the next five minutes it may sit empty although the sisterhood can be quite chatty and our gathering is tonight! Holly Days has been officially deemed a success (by Stephen and by me so that's what counts LOL) We covered the space expense by lunch the first day and proceeded to sell quite a few items. Reflective of the economy all the vendors were slower than usual and people were carrying many fewer packages. I had 20 special orders and have been busy filling them. The exposure was as important or more so than the sales and Stephen had to keep putting my cards out. I have had 5 orders for custom scrapbooks sine then...(3) 8x8 and (2) 12x12 so that makes me very happy. I also made a contact with a mom at a local private school that is interested in me doing bulk orders for the school's student store.
Thanks to my amazing workers...Debra, Jane, Terry, Elizabeth, actually Elizabeth's entire family (Tony, Callie and Leah) They had us packed up and out the door when other vendors were just getting their first box out. The Sanderson kids were awesome helping us get everything in and out of the bldg.
And wow! huge thanks and love to the best half of me...Stephen, the man not only worked the entire 2 days, packed and unpacked but wore one of my aprons (even when walking around so he was advertising), put notepads together AND matched ribbon! I am so blessed, the man truly rocks!
I'll add some pics later today.

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