14 October 2008

I was tagged!

Gloria ( http://gloriascraps.blogspot.com/ ) tagged me last week and I haven't responded...partly because I was a bit clueless and also I didn't "know" 7 people to tag in kind She has assured me I can ignore tagging others so without further ado here are.......
(no promises on their interest or entertainment level)

1. I had an Irish Setter as a pet when I was a child other than that it's been all cats.
2. I suffered sleep paralysis several times as a teenager thus my extreme fear of strokes...(the brain being on, the body being off).
3. I am listed as former faculty at East Carolina University ...I taught in the Preschool lab...18 four year olds and 6 ugghhhh college kids a smester. Preschoolers are easier LOL
4. I tend to be shy and quiet (oh hush laughing) around people I don't know ... don't is the operative word.
5. I cry easily...at commercials, songs on the radio, ticking people off, etc.
6. My soul is most at peace when I am near water.
7. I drove a classic Cadillac (with fins) as a senior in high school '77. Unfortunately no pictures exist :(

wow I think I even listed things the 'hood doesn't know about me :)

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