16 October 2008

Designing and Printing

I have spent most of today designing and printing out notepads...gotta say they are verrry cute :) I'm concentrating on the computer end of things from now until Tuesday. Tuesday night I'll be headed to my baby sister's for a week to help her while she recovers from surgery. I plan to load the car up and work on journals and frames, etc while there. My oldest sister spent the weekend with me and helped crank out product. There were a few times Saturday when my back was screaming and my feet were swollen (and the calves were sooooo sore still from water aerobics) that if alone I would have crashed on the couch and read the paper. But nooooo Debra was working like a horse and as soon as she'd finish something she wanted to know what to do next so I had to keep up with her. So, thank you dear sister for such a productive weekend :) Here are few pics of some of the stacks. Stephen took a bag of finished product to work today to show some ladies. He's been asking for two weeks so I finally got around that.


  1. OMGosh. You are crankin! I hope you had sweet tea and some Chick-Fil-A to keep you going!!! Wish I was there to help! And yes I'm still up at midnight peeking at your blog!!!

  2. Oh you can't imagine how much I wish you were still close by and I would be happy to pay you in sweet tea!


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