08 October 2008

House being painted wooowhhhoo

I am so happy! We have been talking about painting the house for a few years and made it a 2008 priority. We got a new roof in the winter then Stephen started replacing some of the siding. Bids for painting were in excess of $7k so my ever handy and skilled husband decided to do it himself (with some help from our sons- 20, 16) That was in May then work got very busy and other things got in the way. Finally I convinced him that he needed to talk to the painter a friend of his had used. We are going from grey to yellow and I am loving it. Glory, glory, Jorge came in at half the cost, is doing 3 coats hand brushed and has a friend that is a carpenter and can do the porch work we need done. I don't know what you call them but you know the overhangs at your front and side entrances. Our house design doesn't have one on the front and we have never liked the side one. Juan will be making me happy on that score soon. This winter we are taking up the carpet in the dining and living rooms and putting down hardwood. We will have moved to Raleigh and this house 12 years ago next month and will finally have done most of the things I want done.

On the BEglorious! front, I took 10 online workshops last week and took lots of notes. Nine I found beneficial and interesting. One I knew right off the bat Stephen would have to do ....too much legalese and tax talk for my brain. I made a hasty retreat for the studio and immersed myself in work LOL

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