30 September 2008

More Money Spent

Ahhhhhhh thanks Gloria! I have just purchased the two items that you e-mailed me as "must haves" for BE glorious!. My new toys.....I mean tools will arrive next week. Seriously, it means a great deal to me to have so many friends and family invested in my success. I sent in my registration form to be a vendor at Holly Days at Nicholas' school. If you are in the Raleigh area mark your calendars for December 6-7 to shop at Holly Days at Sanderson High School. It is great fun and I have always been a big consumer. Hopefully this year I will have people as excited about my offerings as I have been about those in the past.

The past two weeks I have spent alot of time learning the "business" end of the business. Seminars and tutorials are educating me in a multitude of areas. Love being able to do so much of it online...that way I can do it at 6:30am or midnight or stop to talk to my guys when they come in the door in the afternoons.

Not being out there working has already been a huge blesssing. I've been able to pick Nicholas up when sick, deal with a friend's death and be supportive of a family member looking at surgery. I know I am where I am supposed to be at this point in my life and that feels awesome! Off to my studio to build up inventory.

I hope you all have a glorious day. I am remembering that in all things He is glorious!


  1. I am so happy I can help you spend money! You know I am a product pusher! Just wish I got some kickbacks from those companies! LOL So glad you are being blessed by this new venture!

  2. Oh, and Beverly...I just tagged you...


YOU ROCK! Seriously, I love getting comments, so know that you have put a bit of added sunshine in my day. Thanks so much and I hope your day is glorious!