22 February 2016

Memorandum Monday

My blogging friend, Sian is running a Monday meme on her blog From High In the Sky this year that has you sharing something new you learned or did in the previous week. I am going to try to at least occasionally join in while including highlights of the week past .... starting today!  Blogging is very much a method of journaling and I have been much too slack and as I grow older I realize how much I love looking back.

Our week started out with our 31st Valentine's together followed by nasty weather, no snow but definitely ice. I was so glad it was gone quickly.

At Coffee & Crafts I made a fabric on canvas cross. 
 It's super easy and super fast. This is on a 10" x 20" flat canvas.

The Chosen One and I spent the weekend at the coast. 

(oh yea, I am sporting pigtails, I much preferred them over ponytails in my youth)

We're headed out on a long awaited trip soon. Our 30th anniversary is in June and the Chosen One is on a lengthy sabbatical from work so we decided to celebrate while he's free. He ordered a Canon Rebel like my trusty one with additional wide angle and 2x lenses (which is different from telephoto, I wasn't impressed). We hit the beach to play with them about and learn about how we might use them on our trip. We have another lens arriving today that I am super excited but also nervous about.

The real reason we were there was the Wilmington 13.1 that The Chosen One was running in on Sunday morning. It was easy for me to catch him on the course. He is almost always shirtless so not so hard to pick out although he wasn't the only one.

 He set a personal record for the half marathon. Shaving more than a few minutes off his old record. It seems sabbaticals help with training :)

So that's the week and a few things I learned .... a new quick craft and a start on new lenses.
What was your week like? Did you learn anything? I'd love for you to share in the comments!!

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I hope this week is truly glorious for you and yours!


  1. Now, lenses: that's something I could do with learning a whole lot more about. I hope you have fun trying yours. Have a great week!

    1. It'a bit overwhelming lol I don't really care much for the wide angle or 2x but the one I'll share about this week...LOVE!!

  2. I love that photograph of you two.

  3. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming trip xx

    1. hey! we're back so the sharing is starting soon ;)

  4. That Valentine's photo of y'all is wonderful! And it sounds like a FUN trip & that the sabbatical is good for running.

  5. What great photos and well done to The Chosen One on his running. Playing around with cameras and lenses sounds like something I really need to do - hope it really helps with memory making on your trip.


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