01 March 2015

Winter is for the Birds! (photo heavy)

To say I am done with winter is an understatement. If you have been around long you know I am a heat and sun seeker. I don't complain about the heat and humidity of the American South. Having said that I do enjoy one really good snow a year. I think snow is beautiful. I love the silence of a walk in the snow, how it makes all the world look clean (remember this is the South our snow doesn't stick around long enough to get dirty lol) The last half of February has been nothing but messy weather. Eight of the last ten school days have been cancelled, you'd think that doesn't affect me anymore but it has meant the loss of several sub jobs. One thing i enjoy during weather like this is the constant stream of birds to our feeders and working (yep, it's work) to capture beautiful pictures. Every year I hope to get one outstanding capture each of a cardinal and a bluebird. I feel like I accomplished this in February.


  1. These are super photos - some of these birds I don't recognise and must be special to your habitat. Yes, time for snow to go. We have more forecast for the next three days but it hasn't materialised yet. Hurrah!

  2. These are fantastic and make me want to put out the bird feeders I bought at Home Depot a few weeks ago!
    We've had amazing weather this winter.


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