10 January 2015

Sharing on Saturday

Hopefully, I have it so you go to the source when you click on the photo, if not someone please let me know so  I can edit to credit the original source and provide the link.  
I'll be making the chicken this week :)

overcome your obstacles to achieving a decluttered and organized home.

15 DIY projects to increase your home value

baby penguin

...An emperor penguin chick peers out from under his mother in Snow Hill Island, Antarctica.

Have you found anything interesting online this week? Tell me about it in the comments, even better include a link in the comments ;)


  1. I found an interesting blog where you 'follow a tree'. I'm signing up to that and will be taking photos during the year and linking in.

  2. Enjoyed the decluttering article!

  3. I think the first link may be just what I need right now! The chicken looks delicious and I defy anyone not to smile at last photo. Great shares Beverly.


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