20 January 2015

maybe a cup of cider?

This happens most months, I have a compelling desire to do a catch up post. Unfortunately my desire and the timing of Abi's Time for Tea meme were rarely in sync. Abi is a very busy uni (college) student in her last term (semester) so has put Time for Tea aside. I do think Abi will be in my mind to catch you up whenever with this glorious life .... in sync with my inconsistent and random style.

I am only so-so about coffee, I don't have to have it and am even less enthusiastic for hot tea but this winter I am addicted to hot Caramel Apple Cider. It is amazing and smells even better than it tastes. So grab a cup of whatever you are loving, get comfy and I'll catch you up.

We haven't traveled in a bit and I am getting itchy. We are hoping to fit a weekend in DC with friends into the calendar around cherry blossom time. It's my year to plan the Gathering of the Goddesses and I am finalizing those plans this week. This weekend big sister and I are visiting  baby sister near the mountains. I'm looking forward to the sister time, relaxing and playing with her puppy, Bella. I'm pretty sure I want to get something planned for Stephen and I to do as a getaway this winter. I think the beach is calling but he may be feeling the mountains.

My word for 2015 is unclutter and I am working on it. I only have my kitchen desk drawers, the hall bathroom and laundry area to do and the downstairs will be finished. The big, huge mountain ahead of me is the studio and the guest room. I made a dent in the studio by putting some "things" in the guest room.  Worked wonders for my sanity and creativity but not so much for the overall clutter. It'll happen, hopefully sooner than later.

Last week I tried to totally focus on BEglorious but man, life tries to distract you. I was doing a lot of things for other people and some of them I should have put lower on the priority list than what was on the BEglorious list. I guess it is beneficial that I have insomnia since late night is when a good bit of the creating took place. I have a new display fixture and location in the store I am selling in. I got everything but the cards in yesterday. I think it will limit me a bit on how much I can have there so maybe that will push me to use etsy and put prices on items when I share them on my facebook page. Personally, I hope to actually scrapbook for us again. I seem to have pushed that way too far aside.

I am participating in some new things this winter. The Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt inspired by Rinda's summer hunt is coordinated by Eileen of In My Playroom and Joy of Daisy Row. here's a link to the list  Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt.  Thanks again to Rinda, I am joining in the Liberate Your Art 2015 Postcard Swap. If you are interested in either of these please check them out. They don't end for another 2 months. I love One photo Twenty Words that Abi will continue this year.

As far as the bog, I think I want to get back to more of a schedule and the variety I used to have. I'll be inviting you into the kitchen, the studio, our family and on the road. Hope you find it to be glorious.

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  1. It's good to have a catch up :)

  2. What a lovely catch up...enjoy your sister time! Xx

  3. We enjoy hot apple cider around here too, but I haven't had a caramel one. It was nice to catch up.

  4. Lovely to catch up with you. This year I have decided to cut down on coffee, so am only having one cup when I wake and then the rest of the day I am drinking camomile and spearmint tea which I love! Good luck with the decluttering.

  5. Goddess catch-up time sounds delightful ... And good to read your plans for the year - glad to see that creativity is definitely in the mix :). I smiled when I read about your moving things out of one space into another. Isn't it curious how good and yet not-so-good that can feel all at the same time!

  6. Thanks for your lovely bloggy comment - I must've been channelling traveling, eh? And here you are with itchy feet.... What an INTERESTINGLY blog you have!!!!!


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