17 October 2014

still around

Missing my sweet doggie....... R.I.P.  I'll always have you in my heart <3

hey everyone, I just wanted to pop in and say that all is well! It's been awhile since I have done a meaty post or one that wasn't on auto post. We have been traveling (I still am) and very busy with some new adventures. Hopefully, I'll have a "Time for Tea" post up in a timely manner and get you caught up with BEglorious. Hope your fall/spring is off to a glorious start!


  1. Look forward to your 'tea' post.

  2. Hi Beverly! Hope you're having lots of FUN traveling!

  3. Looking forward to catching up with you over a cuppa soon x

  4. Looking forward to catching up with your news!
    Alison xx


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